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Lose weight and become healthy with us. Advice on diet and nutrition for free. We can help you with the desired figure. Thanks to changes in eating habits, you learn how to control your weight and maintain it, avoiding yo-yo effect. Stop being obese. We are a part of the multinational company NATURHOUSE, our system is based on internationally proved methods of nutrition and diet.

We offer to our clients:

  • Initial consultations and regular long-term nutritional consultations free of charge
  • Compilation of individual nutrition plan according to the body condition by physical analysis and the medical control
  • Exclusive support by natural products from laboratories Housediet and Kiluva
  • Support and motivation to achieve optimal weight

Slimmer, healthier

We do not offer any drastic diets or miracle recipes. When you lose weight either drastically or painlessly by operation, usual style of eating will return the weight back by known yo-yo effect. The foundation of our long-term experience and successful concept of weight loss is healthy nutrition under the supervision of our consultants. We will teach you how to eat healthily and balanced, so that you will achieve the optimum condition of your body and will be able to maintain it yourself.

pictureWe will help you lose weight permanently.

To lose weight with us is to be slimmer and healthier. Learn how to eat the way that your menu is nutritious and full value, without feeling hungry. Many clients even started to eat more.

You'll feel much better.

That diet will prevent diseases of civilization (obesity, high blood pressure, high blood lipid levels, especially the well-known cholesterol, etc.), which are caused by nutritionally inadequate diet. You won't return back to your initial weight. And also, why to leave the healthy way that really works? Your body will prove you that.

PŘIPRAVTE SE NA JARO! Zdarma měření bio-impedanční analýzy


Pomůžeme Vám cítit se lépe! Poradíme Vám jak se do toho konečně obout a zdravě snížit nadváhu. Přijďte si zdarma a bez nutnosti objednání změřit složení tělesných tkání na základě bio-impedanční analýzy. Ukážeme Vám, jak jste na tom.
Pomůžeme Vám k vytoužené postavě.
Zdravě a bez jo-jo efektu.

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